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XENO is a fintech platform that helps millions in Africa to plan, save and invest for their financial goals whether they have internet access or not. For more information click here


Releaf’s proprietary technology, which combines hardware and software solutions, is helping to scale Africa’s agricultural sector, making it more rewarding for all its stakeholders including farmers, food factories, and consumers. For more information click here

Strategic Partnership

Our Vision

Plesion Capital strives to serve others by investing in sub-Saharan ventures whose products and services directly impact low and low/middle income communities. Through investment into scalable and sustainable ventures, who provide products and services for these communities, we can support and enable companies to make change in real lives.

In striving towards this goal, Plesion Capital invests in seed and pre-series A ventures with scalable models, determined teams, and services which will have real impact on low-income and impoverished communities.

With a foundation in faith and commitment to quality diligence, we believe our investments will help facilitate meaningful changes in peoples' lives.

Plesion Capital Launches Blog: 'Investing in Africa: Data, Tech, and Trends'

'Investing in Africa' is a brief but in-depth newsletter that touches on different trends and data all related to investment in Africa. Considering subscribing to keep up with the newsletter!

Visit our newsletter here. 

in the Fight Against Poverty


Poverty leads to hunger, and hunger leads to poverty. A lack of nutritious food make people unable to work productively and greatly more susceptible to disease and sickness. 


Water is foundational to life yet so many live in areas with increasing water insecurity. Little access to clean water not only causes health issues through disease, but it also means that people spend time gathering water instead of working or schooling which will perpetuate poverty.

Energy and Infrastructure

Finally, places that lack infrastructure, such as the absence of cell phones, internet, and electricity, can isolate people and make it impossible to break out of poverty.

Focus Areas

Our Mission

Plesion Capital is a venture capital firm that partners with mission-based entrepreneurs and growing businesses to combat poverty around the world.


In the New Testament, the word for neighbor is ‘πλησιον’ or ‘plesion’ (play-see-on).


Ben Finlay

Ben is the Founder, energy and passion behind Plesion Capital.  With an entrepreneurial spirit and a foundation in faith, Ben has devoted his professional life to sustainable impact: real, for-profit enterprises that integrate transformational social change in impoverished and underserved areas around the world. Ben has long been an active investor, with specific experience in proptech venture capital in both the US and London.


Ben launched Plesion Capital as a student at Princeton University where he has studied Religion, and in particular the history of the Early Christian Church, but also economics and entrepreneurship. He has also studied New Testament Greek at Harvard Divinity School. Ben was elected Captain of the Princeton Men’s Varsity Lacrosse team.

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