Getting to Know Muchiru Kuria

February 1, 2024
Getting to Know Muchiru Kuria
Muchiru Kuria

Muchiru Kuria Joins the Plesion Capital Team

Plesion Capital is excited to add Mr. Muchiru Kuria as a Partner to the firm. Muchiru, a Kenyan-native who's worked and studied around the globe, brings unique insights and experiences to Plesion Capital. To help our friends and supporters in the ecosystem meet him, he's been kind enough to tell us a few things about himself.

First, give us a brief background on yourself and your interests.

I am Muchiru, a Nairobi born and raised Investor, with a global perspective, and Pan-Africa optimist. I have been investing on the continent for the last 8+ years, and I have seen great progress in Venture across varied markets. 

Prior to investing on the continent, I worked in the international development sector, in Switzerland and Austria, within the UN sphere where I further honed an interest in Global Macro-economics, käse fondue, and skiing.

My passion beyond the investment world, involves a deep appreciation for History and Antiquities. I am particularly interested in financial and political histories of the Romans, Byzantines and Early Germans (Holy Roman Empire). My previous academic interests, saw me study at the University of Cambridge (Judge), King's College London, &, the University College London (UCL) at Master's level.

From a professional point of view, what experiences and perspectives are you bringing to the team?

I aim to build on Plesion Capital's offering in the market, through my experience with impactful (smart)hardware, cleantech, and software solutions across the continent. I have lead deals in climate, education, agriculture and other impact bright spots.

I will bring hands-on and above all, very human portfolio company support, direct value adds, discernment for well adapted solution-market fit, and a well of passion & energy to work on bringing these great African solutions to new heights.

What excites you about joining Plesion Capital and what are you looking forward to?

Plesion Capital brings a very impactful mission to the market, coupled with an amazing sense of timing, to support great founders, in markets on the continent that are starting to unlock significant network effects. I feel honoured to continue doing increasingly exciting deals on the continent, with the community led narrative, that is Plesion Capital.

With the team at Plesion Capital, we will be able to provide great depth, network, market insight, and returns - all by supporting innovative solutions to meaningful questions.  

What interests you about the African Venture Capital Landscape in 2024?

Trends in VC in Africa, and across the Global South, are the trends defining life for 3.75 Billion people, or 54.3%* of people, and growing. The questions to be solved here have great importance for the quality, comfort, success and security of people's lives.

Climate will remain one of the biggest question to solve for in Africa, as the region "first and worst" affected by Climate Change, yet the least emitting region. Africa also shows the potential to develop 'leapfrog Climate technologies'.

Climate Mitigation technologies will be particularly interesting here, in bluetech, food systems, and beyond. Carbon verification technologies will also become increasingly high value. Healthcare will also be a space where solutions could solve for and serve large markets.

*Smit, W. (2021, April 26). Urbanization in the Global South

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